13,000 WordPress Sites are Hacked Daily. Secure Yours Now.

WordPress website protection and hardening service by SecureWP

Data loss and breach

You can lose all your data or expose your customer data to hackers, leaving you open to lawsuits

Hosting suspension

Your hosting provider will suspend your site for security reasons if your website is infected with malware

Blacklist and rank drop

Google can blacklist your site or drop your SEO ranking causing you to lose customers and sales

Site crash or overload

Your site will be inaccessible to you or your customers when bots and malware use all CPU and bandwidth

Have You Already Been Hacked?

Programming code screen with Warning alert of System hacked

If you have already been hacked, stay calm. Order our Malware Removal Service and your site will be clean within 24 hours. Your site can even be infected without you knowing it, so regular security audits are needed.

How I clean your hacked site

  • Scan and identify all malicious code on your site
  • Clean your site of any malware, rootkit, or backdoor
  • Harden your WordPress to prevent further attacks
  • Include 2 weeks of support follow-up

Don’t Lose Your Data to Ransomware

Once a hacker has gained entry and locked you out of your files it’s game over. I’ll ensure that doesn’t happen to you by securing your system before any attacks can occur.

How I secure your WordPress

  • Protect your site with an enterprise-standard firewall
  • Harden your WordPress configuration and settings
  • Install a secure SSL encryption certificate
  • Update all software to avoid critical vulnerabilities
Frustrated man looking at devices infected with ransomware. Get WordPress website protection now.

Weak Security Destroys Your Reputation

Graphic showing many negative online reviews

If your website shows the dreaded NOT SECURE icon people will leave it and not come back. Moreover, when Google learns your site is insecure, it will deindex and avoid showing it in search results.

How I secure your customers’ trust in you

  • Scan your entire WP installation and all files for malware
  • Ensure your website is configured for the highest level of security
  • Regularly update WordPress core, themes, and plugins
  • Install and configure enterprise standard firewall

WordPress Is Vulnerable To Malware

99.42% of the vulnerabilities within the WordPress ecosystem are due to plugins and themes. 42% of all WordPress sites have at least one vulnerable component installed.

How I protect your WordPress

  • Ensure your core, themes, and plugins are up-to-date
  • Harden your WordPress configuration and settings
  • Do a checksum test of all files and plugins
  • Disable unsafe and unnecessary WordPress functions
Frustrated man looking at devices infected with ransomware. Get WordPress website protection now.